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About us

About us

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This company was formed as Building  and waterproofing Company by Ms Tebogo Maisela (now resigned) and Mr Tseke Mphahlele in 2005. Since the establishment it is now  with new government regulations we have converted from the Close Corporation to a Private Company (Pty) Ltd.

Our aim and vision is in providing employment to the unemployment and transferring skills.  As the company still growing most of our work is renovations with Ekurhuleni Municipality Properties and more recently with Department of Infrastructure and Development for building  maintenance and supply of various material.

Managing Director
Mr. Tseke Mphahlele

Operational capability
Tseke Mphahlele as a member has previously worked as site manager at Denel Properties and Paragon Property Development, from where he was managing the operations on site.  At the time he was involved in construction of commercial centre and residential of R16 Million (Highveld Res) R14 Million (Elsburg Residentials) and R11 Million (Haartebees Dam Res) including the playing grounds.  The biggest structure that Tseke has done for Denel Properties was valued for R24 Million. In 2004 he moved to join overseas company called Hayes Monterose which based in London (UK) until 2006.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
Manyaka Trading (Pty) Ltd has obtained a level 1 B-BBEE status.

110%   Procurement recognition
100%   Black ownership

Empowerment initiatives
As the company is still at the growing stage and owned by the HDI members, we are more prepared to work with other companies to empower each others.

Safety Procedures / Training
We work in accordance with the national occupational safety association (N.O.S.A.).  This program is supported by a strategy based on allocated responsibilities within the management hierarchy and participation of the individual within the work force.

We believe that quality workmanship is the product of a worker properly equipped with the skills and equipment in a healthy and safe environment.  Member of management for that specific division section or plant individually interviews every employee.

Management Principles

  • Time factor
  • Clear cut duties and responsibilities
  • Level of communication from or top management
  • Excellent quality of work
  • Minimize shrinkage and loses
  • Keep client happy at all times


  • Customer service
  • Safety
  • Training and development
  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Fair reward
  • Honesty
  • Environmental awareness
  • Community development
  • Staff advancement
  • Openness

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