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Our approach

Manyaka Trading Our approach

Our approach

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Six phase full cycle overview

Pre-project phase

Before bidding for construction projects we assess the project feasibility.  The main aspects considered in the pre-project phase are, inter alia:

  • Who are the parties involved and why?
  • How the various parties are be related?
  • Is there a need for a professional engineer, architect or project manager for the project?
  • Is there a need for a design professional for plans and specifications?
  • Will a design professional and a separate supply chain manager be appointed?
  • The nature of the project remuneration i.e. fixed price vs measured bill of materials vs actual material cost plus labour fee, etc.

Once we have a fair idea of what the project entails then the project moves onto the planning and design phase.


Planning and design phase
The project is completely defined and made ready for our bid and appointment during this phase. This phase is made up of two stages:

  1. Stage 1: Defining objectives, and determining whether the project is financially feasible. Here a project brief is developed, all investigations and costing is prepared, and funding sources are identified. At the conclusion of this stage a determination will be made whether to proceed with the project bid. If no then the process stops here. If yes then we move on to stage 2 of this phase.
  2. Stage 2: Results of the stage 1 will allow design professional to develop schematic diagrams showing the relationships among the various project components, followed by detailed design of the structural, electrical and other systems required. Here we prepare to receive bid award and then detailed construction drawings and written contract conditions containing legal requirements, technical specifications are drawn up for signature by the client and other suppliers we require.


Supply Chain Mobilisation
Successful supply chain partners are appointed and a purchasing and delivery schedule is prepared.

Before operations begin project finance, licenses and insurances must be secured. Here all site preparation, equipment and consumables purchasing and delivery scheduling is put into action and managed via a comprehensive project budget to track expenditure versus actual spend.


Project operations (or field operations) phase
We set out a proprietary detailed daily control plan to deliver on all aspects of this phase to cover monitoring and control, resource management, and documentation and communication. We meet weekly to assess our progress and mitigate any challenges that may deviate us from our schedule.



Project closeout phase
Once the Project deliverables are completed, we ensure that all the approvals, as-built drawings, warranties and certifications are competed that will allow the us to receive final payment and compliance letters.



Project maintenance and remodeling phase
After the project has been completed, we develop a maintenance plan to protect the project investment well into the future.

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